A little light relief ….

Today is a very serious sort of day here in the UK as we are voting in the referendum on whether or not to remain in or leave the European Union.  So I thought a little light relief might be welcome – in the form of some pictures from Ben and Daisy’s photoshoot earlier today.

Ellie, a friend who lives in the village, has just finished her photography degree so is a bit of a whizz (to say the very least) with her camera.  She also wanted to learn needlefelting, so a couple of weeks ago we spent a lovely morning sitting at my table while I showed her everything I’d learned about this craft.  In return she volunteered to take some pictures of the terrible twosome.  So we met this morning up at the village hall and after we’d both voted Ellie got down (literally!) to work.


  The newfies were not the best behaved pair, taking absolutely no notice of her directions …..


They got far too close to the camera!


Then they became bored, and stuck their tongues out at all the wrong moments! But in spite of this Ellie took some really lovely photos of them both …


This one’s my favourite of them both together.  Below is Daisy, posing madly for the camera (I think she’s becoming rather vain!)


Then there’s Ben, looking very serious and wise (although he isn’t of course!)


This one is much more his usual behaviour – silly old dog!


By the end he was quite worn out – all that concentrating and all that posing is hard work for a dog of very little brain ….


And he’s been fast asleep ever since we returned home.


While he sleeps I’ve been working hard on the July Bustle & Sew Magazine (it’s out next week) and also assembling more Unicorn Head kits.  I’ve managed to secure some more Tilda doll hair for their manes, so they’re back in stock, for a little while at least.  I’ll be back very soon with a magazine preview for you, and meanwhile, whichever way the vote goes today I hope you’re having a good one!


ally gardner

when one of my german shepherds was a puppy i had to put him in a storage box to take a simple snap!!


Ben and Daisy are wonderful, I still have the one I took of Ben a few years back
Julie xxxxx


Aw, that’s lovely Julie, but he is a bit greyer around the muzzle these days I’m afraid. xx


Ha! All worn out indeed! Well done Ben – and big congrats Daisy – you certainly seemed to get the idea of posing for the camera!


I know Karen, she is getting very vain, rather like my first Newfie, Amy, who was the only dog I’ve ever known who would admire herself in shop windows as we went along!

Glenna Denman

What lovely photos of Ben and Daisy. I enjoy the ones you must have taken of Ellie with them, they really show their mischievous characters! Of course their posed one are downright beautiful, as well. Thanks for updating us on your four-pawed pals.


Haha yes, they were not the best-behaved models! But then they are very fond of Ellie and what they really wanted was to push her over, then smother her in big sloppy kisses! x

Pam MacLennan

Hi Helen,
Those two are just delightful. I’d love to be able to wrap my arms around them both for a great big hug. Ellie has done a great job of capturing their personalities.
My son is still in the UK playing rugby(its been 2 years now) and often asks for photo’s of his dogs. They’re either too far away or walk towards me and get too close to the camera. A close up of the inside of their nostrils is not a good look !


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