Unicorns and paint brushes

Phew!  The July magazine has gone out safely to all subscribers – and I’m already working on the August issue, which is going to have a bit of a seaside/holiday feel to it.  And I’m delighted to be able to report, as if to help me get in the summer mood, the sun has finally decided to emerge from the blanket of grey cloud behind which it’s been smothered for the last few weeks.  So I decided to take the opportunity to begin to touch up my chairs.

These have been with me for (oh my goodness – didn’t realise it was so long until I started counting back!) around 15 years and my new cottage is their third home.  They were originally beech and, though I still loved the simple ladder back shape, they had become darkened and shabby.  So last summer I decided to paint them (I have a set of four) in lovely pastel shades.  This summer – after 12 months hard wear, they have developed a few chips and scratches – Newfie tails and claws can do a lot of damage without meaning to, so I have been taking them outside one by one to touch them up …


It’s really very nice to be outside in the sunshine at last, even if I do have a paint brush in my hand!  Meanwhile, Rosie has been hard at work assembling Unicorn Head kits.  We now have a new supply of unicorn mane, so I have restocked our store …


A kit to make a unicorn head just like mine – including Tilda fabric (which won’t be identical, but is genuine Tilda), wool blend felt and lovely slubby Tilda doll’s hair for the mane is available for just $30 including postage to anywhere in the world. If you’d like to learn more then please just CLICK HERE to visit the store.

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