Framed! And the 2014 Christmas Collection too….

Some time ago I discovered that my Fabric Deerhead Pattern had been featured on the cover of (I think) an Australian magazine.  The pattern had been used by another maker, and sadly Bustle & Sew wasn’t given credit for the design.  But these things happen, and although I didn’t receive credit for the deer head, I loved the idea of displaying it inside an ornate frame ….

And for a long time I have wanted a similar frame to display my hoops.  When I was visiting Rosie last week, we made a trip to Ikea as she wanted some storage cubes.  Delegated to push the trolley, I was strolling through the displays in that sort of dazed, dream-like state that Ikea always induces in me when suddenly I snapped awake!  MY FRAME!!  At last!!  Into the trolley went the box, and I brought my purchase home in triumph ….

Although once I’d ripped the packaging open I was slightly disappointed to discover how plasticky the frame looked close up ….

“But never mind” I thought to myself as I retrieved my tin of Annie Sloan chalk paint from the cupboard under the sink.  “I know just what to do!”  And so I spent a happy hour or so painting my frame ….

I do love Annie Sloan paint – I’ve had this can for ages (as you can probably tell!) and it covers absolutely anything – even the shiny plastic of this frame.  Then when the frame was dry I covered the backing card with some blue dotty fabric, added a trophy head and hung it on my kitchen wall ….

Yes, it’s the Polar Bear trophy head – a pattern for the December (bumper Christmas!) issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine ….

Looking rather pleased with himself!  Every cloud does have a silver lining after all – I might not have received designer credit – but I did discover a very effective way of displaying my polar bear!  And I’m sure I’ll be using this frame for other projects too.

The polar bear will be, as I mentioned, in the December issue of the magazine which is shaping up to be a bumper issue.  If you aren’t already a subscriber then please do pop over to my magazine page and check out this month’s free gifts for new subscribers, which include my new 2014 Christmas Collection ….

Which is also on sale in my Christmas store for just $20 during November – that’s equivalent to just over $2.00 for each pattern – bargain!





Just darling! Love it! Gotta try that chalk paint too! Just saw an old piano completely painted over in a turquoise color of that, on “House of Turquoise” site..and no prep, no sanding, love it! Thanks!


Hi Valerie – yes chalk paint is great stuff, though it doesn’t (in my experience) stand up to a lot of cleaning, so I tend to use it where the newfies can’t splatter it with mud when they come in from their winter walks! Turquoise sounds great, perhaps I’ll go for a repaint in the summer – a turquoise frame would look lovely displayed on my white summerhouse wall. xx


Oh dear,isn’t there any way you can stop that happening,I would be heartbroken if it happened to me,not to mention rather angry.You are so generous and talented I don’t know how people can be so awful to do such a thing.xx


Thanks for your kind comment Lee, I guess these things just happen sometimes, and I prefer to think that the credit just got missed off somehow rather than a deliberate “steal” as I know the maker does include Bustle & Sew as a credit on her FB page. And I did still get a really good idea for displaying completed projects 🙂


Oh that is so wrong – while it could well be a case of the magazine rather than Charlie Barlee studio not giving you any credit it’s still such a shame. I hope you don’t mind but I have sent them an e-mail saying I think it’s a pity that credit hasn’t been given if it is exactly the same design which it certainly looks to me.


Hi Linda, that’s very kind of you, like you I think it was probably the magazine as Charlie Barlee does credit Bustle & Sew on her FB Page. xxx


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