Choc(k)s Away!!

chocs away!!

No – not those kind of chocs!!  Although I think that if I am ever going to appear in front of the video camera (as one or two people have suggested), then those kind of chocs should indeed go away for a very very long time!!  

But before I get around to the real subject of this post, I must take a moment to thank all those lovely people who took the trouble to email me or leave comments about my first ever video tutorial.  It was so kind of you to reassure me that (a) my voice is not really very silly and (b) you thought it was quite useful.  I think I have replied to everyone, but if I’ve missed you, then please let me say a great big “THANK YOU” here.   

Kittens Embroidery

 Also, a big “Thank you” to everyone who commented on Jacqui’s kittens.  If you missed the post, then you can download the free pattern here, and I am pleased to announce that more projects featuring Jacqui’s cute designs will follow in the autumn.

Now, back to Chocks Away!  

Chocks Away: (v)  term used by British pilots in WW2 to indicate that they were ready to take off and therefore required that the blocks placed in front of their plane’s wheels be removed so the plane can take off.  The blocks were placed there originally to stop the plane from rolling away.

And I am pleased to present two little mice pilots all ready to taxi down the runaway and take off!

Mouse and Airplane Sofites

 I am always conscious that maybe I don’t include enough projects to appeal to boys as well as girls, but I am sure that any little boy would love one of these brave aviator mice!  They are easy to make, and I have stitched mine from vintage blanket and other woollen scraps.  The wheels are buttons and the aircraft legs are simply wire wrapped with fabric tape.  I knitted their little aviator scarves from remants of 4 ply yarn.  (I never discard any remants that might be useful!!)

Mouse and Airplane Sofites

The finished planes measure 8″ long and 11″ across the wingspan.  I hope you like them – and the pattern will be included in the September issue of the Bustle & Sew e-zine

PS:  My Rosie and Bear “Around the Year Quilt Book” is now available in print.  You can find it on Amazon:




Oooooh! Can’t wait for those, I know a special little boy who might like one of those!
Julie xxxxxxx

maggie smith

OMG these are the cutest!! what a fantastic idea!!
cannot wait for the pattern!


I can’t believe how cute your aviator mice are!! They’re wonderful! I honestly don’t believe they could possibly be easy to make! I’m anxiously waiting for the next ezine and the included pattern!

X Linda


Promise, they are easy – and not too long to wait, the ezine will be published in just a couple of weeks time. X


Helen – these mice are gorgeous! They would make a lovely mobile – I can just see them whizzing around the ceiling.


Inspiring toys, just right for boys (and girls), what a good idea to recycle buttons, wool fabric etc , they would make a lovely mobile for a child’s room


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