Lovebird Kits are back!

Today began beautifully crisp and frosty and sunny.  Feeling much better I wrapped myself in coat, gloves and scarf, pulled on my wellies and set off up the hill towards the woods with the Newfies.  They were delighted to be out and about on such a delightful morning – frosty days are their favourites – and trotted happily along, expelling clouds of mist with every breath.  But this afternoon the weather has changed completely.  It’s grey and absolutely throwing it down, perfect for cosying up indoors and messing around with this and that.

I do love to have scented candles indoors, and am particularly fond of those using vintage containers, such as old-fashioned jelly moulds.  I’ve had a few of these over the winter and have been saving them ready to send back to be refilled once more.  But before then I thought of another use for them ….

They are perfect for repotting some store-bought hyacinth bulbs.  Over the years I’ve tried forcing my own bulbs, with very mixed results and so this year I have cheated and purchased these hyacinths from our local garden centre.  I poured some small pebbles into the bottoms of the jelly moulds (and the small mugs too) for drainage and then simply replanted the bulbs.  Their root systems weren’t very long and tangled so by being careful I was able to transfer them without causing too much damage.

Rosie has been busy over the weekend too – she has been carefully assembling a new supply of our Lovebird Kits  just in time for Valentine’s Day – or any other day at all really!


The kit contains everything you need to make your own little lovebird from vintage blanket except the stuffing.  We don’t include this any more as it’s really bulky and pushes up postage costs.  It’s so easy to acquire wherever you are – if you don’t have any toy stuffing then simply pull the polyfil out of a cheap cushion pad.  I’ve just spotted the bulbs in a mug in the picture above too – haha – looks like I was enjoying messing around with spring bulbs – this time Narcissi – a couple of years ago too.  But I digress.  If you’d like to find out more about our Lovebird kits then please just CLICK HERE to visit the store.

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