Reindeer Kit/Quilt Book Giveaways to enter!

I haven’t had a giveaway for a long time – and now I am having two at once!!  There is a chance to win a paperback copy of my “Around the Year Quilt Book” featuring Rosie and Bear and also a chance to win a kit to make your very own Reindeer Head – using exactly the same fabrics as I used to make mine.  Here’s what you have to do ……

 To enter the giveaway for a paperback copy of  my book …

amazonbookcover2for website

Just pop over to my Facebook Page where you’ll see how to enter.   If you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, then it’s also available from Amazon and as a download from this site

For a chance to win the Fabric Reindeer Kit – including everything you need to make your reindeer apart from toy stuffing……..

geeseandreindeer 009

 Just leave a comment below – and for fun – please tell me what you think his name should be.  For both draws, the winner will be chosen by random selection and yes, I will post worldwide.  Good luck everyone!!

PS I still have one Reindeer kit for sale on Etsy.  And then there won’t be any more as I only had enough vintage fabric to put 3 kits together – and now it’s all gone. Sorry, now sold.

PPS  A couple of people have asked about the pattern – it’s available to purchase as an individual pattern here, or as part of this month’s ezine here Thanks so much for all your lovely comments – I am loving reading all your suggestions!


  1. I love your reindeer and would love to win the kit. I think he should be called buttons ‘cos you have used buttons for his eyes and nose

    Hugs Jackie x

  2. I would make him with a red nose and call him Rudolph, Sr.

    🙂 Linda

  3. Barb Colvin says:

    Your softies are so fun! I’d name him Mister Ren–that is Swedish for Mister Reindeer.

  4. We have quite a few deers in Scotland and they are all called McTavish (by me!)

  5. He is sooo fabulous for those of us with a thing for deer! I do believe he should be called Rupert MacBustle 🙂 Hugs and cheery smiles, Daisy x

  6. Wilma McCallum says:

    I love your reindeer I think he should be called Hamish he looks Scottish x

  7. Kirsty dawe says:

    What a lovely giveaway… I think he looks like a Herbert! Just because I like it 🙂 ha! Xx

  8. Jacky Wisdom says:

    I think this exquisite and handsomely regal reindeer should be named ‘Caribou’, which is a type of reindeer native to North America

  9. sandy geise says:

    Love the reindeer. It’s very cute, my grandaughter would love it. I would name it Candy, because thats my grandaughters name

  10. Love your reindeer !Iwas only looking at one today at the knitting and stitching show in Dublin,made from decopatch,this is so much nicer.Ithink his name should be Dolphie

  11. Hi. I would love to make my own reindeer. I’d have to name him “dasher” as he’s ever so dashingly handsome!!

  12. He’s adorable, I think I’d like to name him Heath.

  13. I would have to call him Blue for two reasons:
    1. His main colour is blue
    2. He knows there aren’t many like him, so he feels a bit lonely and blue 🙁

  14. I think your reindeer is so cool and think Derek would be a good wholesome deer name.

    Many thanks for the opportunity

  15. marina genovesi says:

    Ciao, la tua renna è davvero deliziosa, io la chiamerei Mr. Blue.
    Spero di vincerla! Un abbraccio.

  16. I loved this the first time I saw it. I’d call him Andy; no particular reason, it just popped into my head.

  17. I think he should be called little Glen, after his uncle the Monarch of the Glen!
    Julie xxxxxx

  18. Avril Giles says:

    Love him, I’d call him. “Checker”

  19. He is very handsome and Imthink I would name him Ronnie the Reindeer. Thanks for the chance to win :0)

  20. Its my 1st grandchilds 1st Christmas,I would love to give him something like this 🙂 I would call him Ronnie the Reindeer,he’s so cute. Regards Barbara

  21. I would call him Precious because he is !

  22. Hello Helen, great giveaway!
    He’s fabulous, I would call him the Laird.
    love E

  23. Like all your creations he’s gorgeous! He reminds me of my mums dog for some reason, so Id call him Travis x

  24. Hello! I’m french… I like you blog very much! And this kind reindeer too!
    His name? may be… Bambi! have a good day!

  25. My grandkids love the deer. We have them grazing in our yard all the time. But now they have a chance to see one up close and personal, on my door. Yippie , I hope I win this for them. hehehe

  26. I love him and would really enjoy making him; he would go brilliantly in my living room. I especially like his black beady eyes so I’d call him Blackberry. Thanks for the chance to win him.

  27. He looks like a George to me! Love the beady eyes.

  28. He looks like a ‘Norbert’ to me. 🙂

  29. I love the reindeer and so do my boys. He’s such a sweetie. We think he should be called Comet.

  30. He is fantastic – and a wonderful take on the traditional stag’s head wall plaque. I would love to win this, it would be a wonderful decoration for my daughters room at uni and a great reminder of home.

    I know we won’t all be lucky enough to win, but would you consider releasing the pattern for sale? I’m a McFarland and we have a family tartan, I would love to make one for my father and son. Traditional, modern and vintage all in one go – clever Helen x

  31. he’s darling, thanks for the opportunity, I’d call him Frasier

  32. I am french and my english is very bad. I like him so much+++
    I would call him rainbow (because “le renne beau”en français : in english it’s” the beautiful reindeer”. It is a play on words…

  33. I would love to make this for a very special friend who has helped me so much on my ‘bad’ MS days. I would let her name him, as he would belong to her

  34. I would so love this gorgeous reindeer to hang on my wall, Bethx 🙂

  35. would love to make the reindeer for my granddaughters bedroom she would love it

  36. He is just beautiful! I would call him ‘Arfa’ (“aaarr” for Reindeer)

  37. sorry should be pronounced “arrfah” as in R for Reindeer – in case the last comment didnt make sense

  38. I would love to make this for my college daugthers room and I would name him Cupid as he made me fall in love with him at first glance! lol thank you!

  39. How about Baby Blue. Cute pattern.

  40. Marion Knights says:

    I think this guy is terrific and would be interested to know how the antlers are done.

  41. I just love the reindeer I thankyou for all your great crafts. If I had him I would call him Gilly as you no he looks a very wise and able stag. Carry on creating.

  42. It’s so cute… I like your reindeer…

  43. Pa(Tricia) says:

    I am new to fancy stitching, never tried making softies, so would love a try at Mc.Rudolph. Love your blog

  44. Oh just fabulous… erm a name… let me see… toying with a few but its … Duffy

  45. marian fraser says:

    your pattern is awesome, just love it

  46. What a lovley thing to make, I am sure it will be really fun to sew. I think he should be called Prince, as his checked fabric reminds me of a royal tartan XX

  47. He looks very handsome and smart. I think I would call him Smarty 🙂

  48. He is lovely! And I would call him Randulph! 🙂 xx

  49. Helen Milosavljevich says:

    He is so cute and I should be very happy to wish him a Merry Christmas on my wall!

  50. What a wonderful idea, a perfect decoration. I think he looks like a George, no particular reason it’s just the name that sprang to mind.
    Are you going to sell a pattern for making him?

  51. I lived in Illinois (1979-81) and my kids loved Rudolph´s story. I would love to tell my grandchildren the same story, under this sweetie. The name would be Rudy.
    Thanks for the opportunity, Sandra, in south Brazil

  52. Misty blue is my choice of name.

  53. What an original pattern, which is hard to come by, these days! I think he is absolutely wonderful! I think his name should be Cupid, as he is stealing the hearts of so many!

  54. He looks adorable! I’d name him “Cervo Principe” (Chervo Prince-ee-pee) – Italian for Deer Prince 🙂 He looks like a Prince of a reindeer to me 🙂

  55. Rhonda Nelson says:

    Love your reindeer! Can’t wait to start a new project I’ve downloaded from your site.

  56. I’d love to win a reindeer kit to make one of my own. I’d call him Joe 🙂

  57. Love the reindeer kit it is so cute and seasonal. I think his name should be Snowy. The colors just make me think of a beautiful winter morning.

  58. So tactile and appealing – I would call him Mist

  59. He’s so cute….perhaps ‘Beau’….
    X Linda

  60. I would love to win one kit. I would call him Reny, like an small Reno.

  61. I would so love to win the Reindeer pattern and would name him “Frazier” as that is a family name and he does have the tartan look about him. Also, I would like to put my name in the drawing for the stitching book, I don’t do Facebook, so wouldn’t have a chance that way. I do a lot of stitching and this would be great for my five youngest grandchildren. Thank you for the opportunity to win one of your generous items. Joyce

  62. Regena Fickes says:

    This is so cute. My oldest granddaughter is a big fan of reindeer. I would love to add this to her collection.

  63. I think he should be named Tarquin, as he seems that kinda guy!

  64. He is so adorable.I would name him Checkaberry Larry.

  65. Marja Heemskerk says:

    Hai Helen,
    Just love the reindeer! Great idee and so much fun above the fireplace. I love to join the lottery,
    Greetings from Marja.

  66. Meg Nelson says:

    The sewn reindeer mount is just adorable. Far nicer looking than a real one!!! Would make this for my hubby! Thanks!

  67. julie edmunds says:

    I would call him cariblue my grand daughters would really love to see him or a friend of his on my wall

  68. What a cute reindeer. It would be a perfect decoration for the holidays. Thank you for the chance to win a kit.

  69. I live on Cape Cod, but grew up in the forested North Shore of Boston, where we lived at the end of a dead-end street surrounded by 14 acres of woods. My family always used princess pine and other greenery to make our own Christmas wreaths, and we encountered deer and other forest animals daily.

    Now I live in a seaside community, but at Christmas time I celebrate those childhood memories by decorating my tree as a snowy winter wonderland forest, with pine cones, acorns, and ornaments of squirrels, owls, and of course deer. Your delightful (but unharmed) deer would fit right in!

    I love your blog and look forward to Bustle and Sew every month.

    A big “wave” from New England,
    Judith Ann

  70. So cute. I’d really like to make this.

  71. Adorable reindeer. I would call him Lloyd, because my uncle has many of the “real” things hanging on his walls and this one is so much cuter!

  72. So gorgeous. Thank you for sharing. I would call him Robbie after Robbie Burns as he seems to need a scottish name.

  73. A kit would be nice but I’m thinking I’ll buy pattern since I have never won anything LOL. Call him Shocker since I would be shocked to win 😉

  74. Betsy Anne says:

    Thanks for the chance at winning this so cute kit and I would name this reindeer Raymond.

  75. I think your reindeer name should be Rudy . I think he’s a boy

  76. What about Rudy? He’s such a sweetie.

  77. I would love to win a reindeer kit!
    How about Rory??

  78. H e is a beauty and very regal so deserves a kingly name. How about Rex the Reindeer.

  79. Such a sweet reindeer , I think I would call him Plaid 🙂

  80. Yvonne Hamilton says:

    I love the reindeer! I think I’d name him…Thomas. Thanks for all the fun patterns!

  81. Lucy Huggins says:

    I loved this pattern from the time I set my eyes on it. Having several boys and a husband that hunts this is the PERFECT Christmas present for them.. I can honestly say that I was SOOOOOOOOO ecstatic when I found your blog and all your patterns.. I am always so anxious to see what you have come up with and you have given me the encouragement to try my hand at embroidery..

    As for this handsome deer’s name My Boys and Husband believe his name should be ” Rutt “.. 🙂

  82. Well, I would call “her” Misty. Thank you for the wonderful giveaways.

  83. That is so cute. My children have real deer heads on their den walls, so this would look cute in the grands rooms who aren’t yet old enough to hunt. Thanks for the opportunity.

  84. Hello Helen,
    Probably a little late with this, but maybe one day you will make an entire deer?!? I was so excited when I saw this, but must admit a little greedy, 😉 and think it would be too cute to have it standing next to the sofa. Any chance there might be one in the offing? Thanks and love all your things, Anita!

  85. Jean Carpenter says:

    Hi Helen, I just adore this guy! Thanks for a chance to win.

    Hugs, Jean

  86. Love this reindeer. How about ‘Harvey’? Thanks for the giveaway.

  87. Dawn Van Horn says:

    ” Riley, the Devon Reindeer …. Had a very handsome nose …. and if you ever saw it, you would even say it glowed …. All of the other Reindeer, used to laugh and call him names …. They never let poor Riley, join in any Reindeer games 🙁 …. Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to say … Riley with your nose so bright, won’t you guide my sleigh tonight …. Then how the Reindeer loved him … and they shouted out with glee … Riley the Devon Reindeer …. You’ll go down in history!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

  88. This is just darling! I would enjoy making this for my nieces as well as one for myself! Too cute!

  89. Love the kit, really sweet reindeer 🙂 I think he looks like a Harold, not sure why.

  90. So much fun!!!! Thank You!!! He looks like a Rascal to me!!!

  91. That reindeer is so cute! Thank you for the chance to have him.

  92. Nancy Guilfoil says:

    I wish I hadn’t read all the comments first — the two names I thought of were already used! Love Gilly and Blue, but a new one would be Tartan. He does look Scotch and would look so much better on the wall than the real thing. He’s wonderful!


  94. I would name her blue crystal….she looks like she emerged fromt the snowy lands of make believe.
    I would love to make her.

  95. Sarah Davies says:

    He is gorgeous, so classy and modern but with a real vintage feel to him. My grandson thinks he is “cool” and says his name should be “Chalky” the reindeer. I am being nagged to make one, just need the time ……..

  96. OH I would love to win the little kit for “Charles” The Reindeer, He is King of the Forest after all! Thank you Helen for this chance to maybe get “Charles” in the mail here in the USA!!

    Hugs, Jan G.

  97. Ruby Lynn Schmer says:

    I would make that reindeer and leave him up all year! I don’t care if I live on Oahu! 🙂

  98. Ruby Lynn Schmer says:

    Oops, I left off his name…KahunaRudy

  99. He is So sweet. My four year old has been naming things Patches lately…so I’m going with that.

  100. jeanne e. says:

    I love this fabric reaindeer! My immediate thought of his name was Horace. Not sure why, but I like it. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  101. He’s so handsome. Prancer

  102. Deborah Jennings says:

    This is the only deer head I want in my house. =) Don’t get me wrong, I will eat the meat, I just don’t want a real deer head looking at me all the time. I hope I can win him for a change.

  103. He is so cute with his beady button eyes. Would love to try and make him. We dont have reindeer here but he is so cute he would be popular. I think he should be called Dasher cos he is so dashing!!

  104. Would love this in my living room!

  105. Anita Cornetto says:

    I love him and would really enjoy making him! I think I would call him Patches because he’s made with different fabrics!

  106. Barbara Roberts says:

    What a cute idea. Please enter me in this giveaway. He is adorable!

  107. I think he is one of Santa’s reindeer – Dasher maybe?

  108. He’s brilliant enough to inspire even me to have a go at making something – potentially a real family heirloom (would beat the loo roll fairy my mum still dutifully hangs on her tree thats over 30 years old now!) I think he looks like a Digby.

  109. sally white says:

    He is a handsome chap and does not give me the creepy feeling of seeing a dead creature used a decoration….how about Billy the blue-nosed reindeer?

  110. So cute! I would name him Snowflake.

  111. He’s so adorable! I love the colors! I would call him Mckinley, after Mt McKinley in Alaska. To honor the reindeer that still roam there. And Santa too of course 🙂

  112. I would love the chance to make something so beautiful, and I would call him Roger 🙂

  113. He’s a lovely chap and I think I’dcall him Sven as that’s the only Nordic name I can think of at the moment!!!

  114. Would LOVE the pattern and fabrics for the reindeer – would put this on the wall on our cottage at the lake

  115. Dawn Skinner says:

    Oh my goodness – myself and my two sons have fallen in love with Herbert – named by 4 year old Archer. We would love him to come and live with us 😉 x

  116. love to make for my granson who is a hunter thanks for the chance to win

  117. How generous of you, I love the book, however I am not on facebook, so I can’t enter that one, but the reindeer is just too cute, I can imagine him in all different colourways! xxBrenda

  118. Chrissie Brett says:

    I think he should be called Cairngorm as in the Centre – The Cairngorm Reindeer Centre. The Cairngorm Reindeers belong to Britain’s only herd of reindeer found free ranging in the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland.

    My family visit virtually every year, it is educational and well worth the visit. My Granddaughter Macey just adores Reindeers and would love him to bits.

  119. I love the reindeer! I will make it for my grandson who likes hunters. I think his name should be patches.

  120. Vanessa G P says:

    Cute!! Francois can live at our place on Francois Lake, BC (Canada).

  121. teresa de graaf says:

    Being as deer have been so popular in my Alberta backyard this fall and so curious, I would love to have him inside my home this Christmas. His name would be Dash.

  122. Caroline Ramsay says:

    I would call him Fergus the Fabulous Festive Reindeer. He is such a character and deserves to have such an honourable name.

  123. Caroline Ramsay says:

    I would call him Fergus the Fabulous Festive Reindeer. He is such a character and deserves an honourable name.

  124. thanks for the chance. How about johnny

  125. He looks like a Humphrey or Harvey!

  126. Marcy Mahle says:

    Oh the reindeer is so very cute. I am so glad the pattern will be in your magazine.

  127. Jeanne Jones says:

    Such a cute fellow – I would call him Mr. Twinkles.

  128. What a wonderful reindeer! I’d call him Denali. Thanks for the giveaway.

  129. How cute! I think his name is Ralph. ;0)

  130. Trouble OHara says:

    -I think the reindeer’s name should be Puzzles, because he was carefully put together!

    And I would like to enter the drawing for him!

    Trouble OHara

  131. Randolph thee reindeer. What a brilliant pattern!

  132. Sharon Meyer says:

    He is just too adorable. I would name him plaid glider. I can just see him zoom gliding all over my house in my granddaughter Izabella’s arms. Thank you for this chance to win. Happy sewing to one and all.

  133. What an adorable craft! For a name, I like either “Tundra” or the Latin translation, “Tarandus” 🙂
    I would love to make this for my granddaughter, who will be raised as an animal lover.

  134. This is so cute! My mom would love to make it for me 😉

  135. Rhonda Desgranges says:

    What a cute reindeer. Would love to make the pattern for my great nephew who is a hunter. It would look great in his room. I think his name should be
    Rodney Reindeer. Thanks for the chance to win!


  136. Sandy Todd says:

    Well isn’t he just the cutest reindeer of all?! I would certainly name him “Old Timer” since you selected to make him from vintage fabric. Thanks Helen for the chance to win this kit.
    Sandy T. in So. Cali

  137. I think his name should be Ralph. I would love to have him hanging on the wall above my sewing machine!

  138. Hi,
    He is so cute! I’d love to put him on the wall of my stiching shop in the south of France. Thank you for this very nice giveaway!

  139. He is so cute that I would name him Radar the Reindeer as being a Christmas reindeer he needs a good radar (or GPS) !!!!

  140. What a cute reindeer he is. I would call him Benjamin.

  141. This creation is so clever and with my passion for Scotland it would be a great Yuletide decoration.

  142. He is adorable, I would call him Mackenzie if I had him hanging on my wall!

  143. Sherry J. says:

    HOw about Frosty? He looks like a winter reindeer. Would love to make one. Thanks.

  144. Shari Witt says:

    Hello, please enter me for a chance, thanks a bunch! Maybe his name could be Featherhoof? Blessings, Shari Witt

  145. apple blossom says:

    thanks for chance to win the reindeer pattern

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  146. I have a one year old grandson whose mom and dad bow hunt. What a cute decoration for his room. Adorable!

  147. Sommer Aweidah says:

    oddly enough – I happened upon your site when actually looking for a pattern for a deer head to mount in my sewing room! My only change would be to add an eye patch – for no reason at all, other than it would look odd (and hilarious).

    your reindeer should be named: “Eliot” … he seems like an Eliot.

  148. He is very cute! I would love to win one :)! Blizzard or Rudie for a name!

    Ellie x

  149. Susan Ray says:

    My parents are from England and I enjoy your blog and your stories and pics of Ben. My son and husband hunt and we have the variety of antler mounts at our house – I think the reindeer would put my daughters and I in the running for “best shot.” 🙂

    Enjoy your day.


  150. carol forbes says:

    I would call him Harris after my favourite jacket inherited from my grandad. He’s really cute x


  152. Love him! (Love all that you do…).

    He looks like a Nigel to me.

    Thanks ever so!

  153. love the reindeer he would be a perfect christmas center piece for my very plain wall

  154. Such a sweet reindeer. I would name him Prince! <3

  155. What a lovely reindeer, I would like to make it !! Do you think he can live in Provence ? I say yes and name him Rangifer.
    Please, excuse my english; I am french and forget all the words I learned …

  156. Bonnie Blackburn says:

    I love the reindeer. Sorry that you don’t have any kits left. I would love to have one.

    I would call him “Bart”



  157. I LOVE him! I think his name should be Benson. I dunno, he just looks like a ben!

  158. Love, love, love this reindeer!!!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  159. The reindeer is precious and I would love to win the kit. I would also name him buttons because of his button nose.

  160. I would love to win the reindeer kit. His name should be button-nose.

  161. the reindeer is adorable, and i’d love to win a kit! i think i’d name him snowden.

  162. Pam Stroud says:

    Hi Helen,
    What a wonderful idea! and a great addition to your brilliant and very talented makes, I would love to win him and for me he is Bertie Bustle!
    Thanks for all the lovely free patterns and ideas, we love them

  163. I’d call him Randolph…. Rudolph’s half brother 😉

  164. The name Mat-su would be good. It is a valley in Alaska where he would be roaming.

  165. i would name him Bucky, he is a buck. will you be getting more patterns for him. just in case i do not win.

  166. Hi Helen I just love the reindeer. I would have to name him “No Idea” before he got his eyes, then when he got his eyes it would be Handsome cause that what he is.
    Diane x

  167. barbara corbitt says:

    i would love to win. I would name him/her smiley because you cant look at it with out smiling or peace because how could you be depressed, mad or upset when you look at him/her

  168. I’d just call him Artie!

    He’s a real cutie


  169. Since i live in Dubai, i’d have to give him a slightly Arabian name. Arise Sir Ghazal de Nordica! …Ghazal = deer. Nordic Deer? I actually don’t know the Arabic word for reindeer!

  170. Ohh, great giveaway! He looks like a Harold to me!

  171. He is so cute!! My husband is a youth pastor and has been looking for a mascot. He would be perfect and his name would probably be Jedidiah or Mr Reindeer.

  172. LOVE that fabric reindeer! I think you should name her rosie

  173. Becky Lapinski says:

    What a cutie! For a name… Markle.

  174. My Deer, your Deer is wonderful! I’d just love that pattern and the supplies that go with it.
    I would name him Blixem. The 1823 poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas” (known today as The Night Before Christmas) calls Donner and Blitzen “Dunder and Blixem”. Blixem is much more flattering than Dunder, so we chose Blixem.

  175. Christine C says:

    I think his name should be Bruce.

  176. Mallisa Quitmeyer says:

    This is the perfect citch item for my home! It’s so cute

  177. Stitches the button nose reindeer

  178. I would call him (Proud)” Pontus,” that’s a swedisch boys name. Than I would make a larger size father to him , called Magnus, allso known as Mister Big, and 2 little sisters called Blanket and Cosy, because off the materials i would use. Mamma reindeer is working in the woods but she’ll be home for christmas and the whole familie can be together over the fireplace

    “Puss och kram “from Sweden

  179. my daughter loves him and suggests candy cane! A bit out there I know 🙂

  180. I’d call her (some female deer have antlers) Fia – the Irish for deer and part of my name.

  181. such a cute reindeer! He should be called Robbie.

  182. Raffaella says:

    Soooo cute! I think his name should be Renna-Boy (renna is Italian for reindeer)

  183. He is definitely a Brian!!!

  184. I love him! I think he looks like a Baz 🙂

  185. He’s adorable. I could tease my son that I got one too.

  186. I lov this! My kids would too, and they’ve named him/her Patches. I’d have to make 1 for each of my 4 kids and place it above their beds.

  187. I absolutely love this deer! I think I would call him Harold 🙂

  188. Love him, i would call him BlueRod
    (In Spanish rudolph start with Rod for Rodolfo)

  189. I love hime! It may not sound like a traditional reindeer name, but he looks like a Scott to me.

  190. I love this would be so cool to make. I think I would call him Rambo. Lol

  191. Katie Ruppenkamp says:

    So cute – I think his name should be Charlie.

  192. Oh my I have be looking for a reindeer head kit for over the fireplace
    I loooove it! It would be perfect

  193. This guy is adorable. He should come live at my house. I decorate with pastel shades of blue at Christmas with touches of red. Not sure what to name him…but it needs to be a kind sweet name…

  194. I love the vintage fabric and the color selection! I think I’d call him prince. Simple, regal and fun. What a beautiful giveaway!

  195. Pam Stephens says:

    I would love to win, and would name him Kanaan… don’t ask me why, it just sounds good!

  196. This is so cute..It is definately a he…..I would name him Bernie for no apparent reason

  197. Raina Muller says:

    Oh I love him!! His name is Walter or thats what I would name mine if I get this awesome kit!!

  198. How adorable! I would name him “Patches”!

  199. Emily kleinman says:

    You should call him Buster. Why are we certain he is a boy?

  200. He is just too darn cute. I think he is a “Randy”

  201. Love this! I’d name him “Arnie”. 🙂 Thanks.

  202. I will call him Herbert. Not sure why, just sprang to mind when I saw him.

  203. Kitra Woodall says:

    I would love to win this super adorable and imaginative kit 🙂 Such a cuter and kinder way to decorate vs. using the “real” thing!! Thank you for hosting this give away.

  204. tracy reed says:

    He’s cute. I think he should be Sir Plaidwick.

  205. He is darlin’!! My daughter would love to make him with me! His name would be “Stuffin”!!

  206. This is so cute. I would make him and donate it to charity. O think he should be called Mr. McPlaid.

  207. OOPS! I made a typo. I think he should be called Mr. McPlaid.

  208. I love him & I want to name him Butch! ;o)

  209. love it! he looks like a Hank.

  210. What a nice giveaway!!! I would call him: Henning 🙂

  211. Tatiana Di Maio says:

    ahhh, he is so cute! His name is Arnold!

  212. I love your reindeer! I couldn’t explain why, but he just looks like a Ralph to me.

  213. I LOVE this! I would name it Stitch!

  214. Love this! I think his name should be Ralph the Reindeer! My Dad used to call me Ralph as a kid… 🙂

  215. i still like the name Bucky. for he sure is a handsome buck.

  216. I would call him lucky, cause whoever wins him is lucky. Hope its me!!!

  217. Judy Bodi says:

    How cute!!! I’d call him Randy.

  218. WandaFish says:

    Buzz is light years ahead of all the other reindeer 🙂

    Thanks for the fun giveaway – he is just adorable!

  219. Donna Rae says:

    Who said it’s a he? I think a she is more appropriate and Helen is a great name. That is what I would name her if I won!

  220. martine Houle says:

    I love, tanks for contest.

  221. Kory Beavers says:

    Simply Deary. That’s what my children would have picked, I can imagine. I do love him so…

  222. Oh he is adorable. His name should be Rudy. So so cute.

  223. Linda Schmitt says:

    Hello…I would love to win your stuffed deer kit. I think his name should be Awwshucks or DarnIt.

  224. He’s adorable. I like the name Norman.

  225. Since I love blue, I would name him “Blue Plaid:.

  226. How how adorable. I have a grandson who would love it.

  227. smfsprout says:

    I would love to make this deer for my ‘dear’ brother and his wife. It would be a wonderful addition to their decor.

  228. jeanne muckey says:

    So Cute!!! He looks like a Randy or Rudy.

  229. What a brilliant idea!! I think a good name would be “Lucky” because no deer were harmed in the making of this deer.

  230. My daughter is “into” reindeer and I’ve been looking for a good pattern. This is it! Thanks for the chance.

  231. Hi Helen
    Congrats on another fabulous pattern, and project. I fell in love with him the minute I saw him. I would call him Dashing, as he cuts a very dashing figure, and I would love to see him dashing around with Father Christmas!
    Thank you for generously sharing your wonderful creations.

  232. He is adorable. Can I name him Mine? 🙂 or how about Clyde.

  233. He is so great! I think he should be called Hugs:)

  234. This is adorable (and cruelty-free! 8-)). I’d call him Twinkle, because he looks to have a cheeky twinkle in his eye! x

  235. Gail Long says:

    My husband is an avid hunter, I would LOVE to add your deer to our “game” room! My deer will be named Threads : )

  236. he’s lovely. I’d call him Big John for no particular reason I guess. What a charmer he is though.

  237. So sweet, I would call him frosty.

  238. Red Carousel Lion says:

    F.R.E.D. (fabric reindeer – extremely delightful)

  239. Hi Helen, I am glad you liked “No idea” the follow up to that name is “Still no idea” because he has no legs!! I heard that joke years ago and it still makes me laugh.

  240. Katherine says:

    How darling!! I like Randolph…I have no idea where that idea came from, maybe a take off on Rudolph…but he looks like Randolph – or Randy – the Deer! He’s sweet as can be! Thank you for your generosity! xx

    • Our dad used to infuriate us when we were little by singing a “Rudolph” parody called “Randolph the blue-nosed snow deer”. Our allegiance was with Rudolph and we would brook no mockery. Thanks for the memory.

  241. He is absolutely precious and I think his name should be Art. I have no idea why!

  242. I am sure I left a comment and checked but I cant now see it.
    I have a name chosen and if I win I will let you know and I will be making this for for my son who has started his own heard of deer, but none as cute as this one. Fingers crossed.

  243. Connie Keck says:

    That is one of the cutest things I have ever seen, definitely Dasher since he is so dashing.

  244. I think he looks like an Edmund.

  245. I just love the reindeer! I’m so happy that I found this blog last year.
    I’m unsure of his name, maybe Rufus? He looks like a Rufus!

  246. He’s so gorgeous. I think he should be called something like Sparkles. Thanks for the opportunity.

  247. Since he is quite unconventionally coloured for a reindeer, he should have an unconventional, Australian name such as “Bonza”! He’d be really Bonza under our Christmas tree that’s usually decorated with a stack of reindeers & mooses rather than the usual stars & bells!

  248. He is so cayoooote! My seven year old said to name him “Brownie” so there ya go:)

  249. Amber Hunter says:

    My girls would name him either Icicle or Froster

  250. What a cute guy!

  251. I think he looks like a “Westley”. Great design!

  252. I really LOVE your reindeer!! My own version of it:

    Thanks for sharing! Liz

  253. I believe he should be called “Charles” I love him!!

  254. Nancye Aitken says:

    Hi Helen,I just love Rudy Reindeer. He would make a lovely gift for my new Greatgrand baby.

  255. Margaret Parks says:

    Love the deer, We have actual deer in the yard every night, but not as cute as this one.
    maggie from Maine

  256. Margaret Parks says:

    We have real live deer in the yard often, but none as cute as this one..

  257. My mom (75 yrs young) loves deer and I would love to make this kit for her!!!

  258. Erin Kaven says:

    I would love to win the reindeer kit. I would name him Rheinhold Von Plaid.

  259. I really like the reindeer and would enjoy making it..especially if I can the kit!

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