Meet the Maker: Three Red Apples


From oranges yesterday to apples today - and I'm delighted as always to be able to introduce you to another fabulously talented maker - this time Annabelle Ozanne who runs Three Red Apples from her studio in Devon. Annabelle makes a range of freehand machine embroidered an appliqued textile … [Read more...]

A Mug full of Snowdrops


Each year I eagerly look forward to the appearance of the drifts of snowdrops that appear across the banks and hedgerows of the lanes around our village.  They are so cheerful and brave, not caring that the days are still cold, damp and grey. I love to bring the ones from my garden indoors, not too … [Read more...]

There’s always one …


There's always one .... and it's always Daisy!  Although Daisy has the sweetest, happiest, most loving nature, she has to be the clumsiest dog I've ever owned.  She has been known to trip over her own front paws and land on her nose, is totally unco-ordinated and has the most peculiar gait - rather … [Read more...]