For the past few years I’ve held a giveaway on St Patrick’s Day in honour of my Irish grandmother.  But this year I’m afraid I haven’t had chance to arrange one – not only am I busy with Rosie’s wedding, but – and I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before – she and Dan are moving into their first home of their own this week, and I have been nominated as decorator-in-chief.  So lots to do!  However … all is not lost!

My friend Jacqui, of Flapdoodledesigns, is hosting a wonderfully generous giveaway over on her Facebook page.  She’s offering the chance to win one of her beautiful patchwork fairies – created especially for you and handpainted in the colours of your choice.  To enter please just pop across to her page and leave a comment.   



Valentine Bunnies Giveaway

by Helen on February 1, 2014

Phew … the February issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine has been now sent out to everyone (if you are a subscriber and haven’t seen your copy in your in-box please be sure to contact me soonest so I can make sure you receive it safely).  

The description for the February issue in my store says that it  ”celebrates the earliest signs of spring, with projects for Valentine’s Day and some Easter bunnies too”.  Which is completely true.  However ….  even as I was typing this, I was thinking to myself,  ”Why should bunnies be limited to Easter?  What about some Valentine’s bunnies too?”  And so I have adapted the bunny template from this month’s magazine to create a giveaway for you….

A chance to win two adorable little patchwork bunnies applied to a vintage cotton panel surrounded by a sweet spring blossom garland printed ready for you to stitch, with space below the bunnies for you to stitch names or any text you choose.  The finished garland is about 6 1/2″ in diameter.  And … as well as the panel itself, I’m delighted to be able to include two cute thread bobbins generously donated by the lovely Sandy from her wonderfully named Etsy shop “Giggle Snort Society!”  Please do pop over and take a look at her selection of designs – they’re pretty and practical too!

To enter my Valentine bunny giveaway please leave a comment below and – just for fun – please tell me your favourite sign of spring!   The giveaway will close at 12 midnight (GMT) on Wednesday 5th February and I’m so looking forward to reading your comments!


Happy colours, splashy Pups (part two)

by Helen on December 13, 2013

Of course the Newfies are not in the least bit interested in plants (except in the digging up of them Miss Daisy!), though they do enjoy tea and cake at Avon Mill Garden Centre.  Although dogs are allowed in the actual restaurant, I don’t think there’d be much room for other diners if I took the terrible twosome inside, so we enjoy sitting in the covered outside area where there’s always plenty to see (me), and lots of pats and praise to be received (Ben and Daisy).  Even so, there’s always an air of impatience, as they know that once tea is finished, then we can embark on the real purpose of our visit – a walk along the river bank.  The Avon is a clear, cold river that flows down from the high peaty expanse of Dartmoor, lined with trees and of course at this time of year the leaves have nearly all fallen.  It’s still very beautiful though …

A trip to Avon MillAnd peaceful too – until my two naughty friends came along.  The river bed is formed of masses of large smooth stones – great to dig for, even when they’re very deep.  A chance for Ben to show how big and strong and brave he is …

A trip to Avon Mill

 How he ever finds his way back to the bank I’ll never know!  Can he really see where he’s going? 

A trip to Avon Mill

 But he’s successfully dug up a stone – that’s the important thing!  Not to be outdone, Daisy dives for sticks …

A trip to Avon Mill

 Here she is proudly bearing a particularly impressive example!  Of course all these chasing, digging and retrieving makes them very tired, so after a good drying off Ben loves to snooze on the kitchen floor …. 

A trip to Avon Mill

Whilst Daisy helps me read my magazine.  I think she is possibly the most photogenic dog I’ve ever owned – and definitely the most mischievous, though you wouldn’t think so from this picture…

A trip to Avon Mill

 ”Me, naughty? Never!!”

Fred & Ginger

And finally … a big “thank you” to everyone who entered my giveaway for a kit to make your very own Fred or Ginger last week (pattern in the January magazine).  I’m just counting the entries and will be announcing the winner next week. 


Fred & Ginger: A Giveaway to Enter!

by Helen on December 6, 2013

I haven’t had a giveaway here on my blog for quite a while so I think it’s time to put that right!  But before I tell you what it’s all about, I really must show you a picture…  In my last post I mentioned the problems of effective time management when living with two furry friends who feel that my life should be spent giving them everything they want.   In Daisy’s case this means playing and lots of walks.  She has developed a habit of sitting next to the table as I work and if I ignore her then she begins to stare – very hard indeed!

DaisyIt’s very hard to concentrate when she’s doing this, which of course is the whole point!  ”Work not going too well Mum?  Let’s go for a walk instead, or perhaps a nice game of tug-o-war will help refresh your brain.”  Little monster!

Fred & Ginger

But back to my giveaway….. I’m a bit of a Strictly Come Dancing fan (how dare they eliminate Ben?!?), and my Saturday evenings are filled with tinsel and twirling – on the TV that is – not me!  So I thought it would be nice to include a Strictly-inspired pattern in the next issue of the Bustle & Sew e-Magazine.  And here are Fred and Ginger, the two little ballroom dancing rats, seen above in profile, and below in all their glory ….

Fred & Ginger

 The giveaway is your chance to win a Fred or Ginger kit (your choice) that contains everything you need to make your very own little dancing ratty!  They’re quite large – about 12″ from ears to toes with moveable joints – buttons and strong threads and lovely button noses.  

Caption Competition

 To enter all you need to do is leave a comment on this post and, just for fun (not essential), suggest a fun caption for the picture of Fred and Ginger above.  The winner will be chosen by random selection.  The giveaway will close on Thursday 12 December and winner will be announced the following week.  I will post your Fred (or Ginger) kit anywhere in the world – and hopefully it will be with you before Christmas!  

Good luck everyone!