Oh dear Ben … and baby elephants


I am sure I must have remarked before now that Ben is practically the size of a baby elephant.  He weighs just a little under 12 stone (168 lbs) or 76 kg and stands around 5'8" on his back legs.  So a big fellow - but a gentle giant, who is usually happy to amble along on his walks in a placid sort … [Read more...]

Bloom & Grow Giveaway

Yesterday was a lovely day - Rosie and I went along to the bridal shop for her final fitting and her dress is absolutely perfect.  It is the most delicious confection of .... aha - you thought I was going to give the secret away didn't you?  But no... I promise to show you lots and lots of wedding … [Read more...]

Feeling frustrated ….

Usually I love blogging and sharing all my stitching with all my readers and friends.  I really enjoy showing you what I'm up to, and hearing all your comments and ideas - I've "met" some lovely people and made some great stitching friends through Bustle & Sew.  But it's fair to say that at the … [Read more...]

Cotton Spool Mouse Kit Giveaway

Remember these cute little creatures?  The Cotton Spool Mouse family?  I'm starting my December giveaway season in style by giving away not one, but TWO Cotton Spool Mouse kits.  Each kit contains everything you need to make your very own little mouse.... ... a vintage wooden spool for him to … [Read more...]