A very special day!

Today is a very special day – it’s Rosie and Dan’s third wedding anniversary!  I cannot believe that three years have passed so quickly, almost in the blink of an eye – and yet so much has happened since then.  I was looking back at my blog posts from that very special time –

I decorated my whole house in preparation for THE BIG DAY ……

Can you spot that naughty Miss Daisy who photobombed my picture!  She was only about 18 months old then – still a big clumsy pup!  Then there was the Pop up Wedding Beauty Parlour…..

And a post on Wedding Wonky-ness when I described how the car sent to take me and the bridesmaids to the church broke down on the way – and we ended up hitching a lift to the church!!  I definitely needed a couple of extra glasses of champagne at the reception to help me recover!   Even the napkins were folded into heart shapes, and I stitched lots and lots and lots of place settings ……

The flowers were AMAZING!

The blushing bride was beautiful (of course!) and her groom was extremely handsome too!  Last week Rosie and Dan went down to Devon and revisited the beach where some of their wedding photos were taken – with somebody who wasn’t even thought of three years ago ….

Though it’s impossible to imagine life without this little pickle now!!  I remember all the picnics, dog walks, paddling and general messing around on our favourite beach – Lannacombe, but I never for one day imagined my little grandson making sandcastles where the Newfies love to play!  So I’d like to wish a very happy wedding anniversary to two of the nicest young people in the whole wide world – and grandma hugs to the littlest member of the family too!




Happy Anniversary to your daughter and son-in-law. And seeing the picture of your old kitchen brought back lovely memories of a couple of happy visits.

Julie xxxxx


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