Oh Christmas tree … and decorations too!

It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here at Bustle & Sew.  Advent Calendars are much in evidence – and have to be carefully monitored to make sure nobody is helping themselves to extra chocolate each day!  And yesterday we headed off to choose our Christmas trees.  This is something we do every year – and it’s a very green and sustainable activity too as we can actually see the Christmas tree farm from our upstairs windows, it’s only a mile or so away from us.  We were blessed with fine weather – the second image above shows the farm, whilst the final image was taken as we waited to pay for our trees.  Christmas trees are great fun to stitch too – I love mixing the different greens, and so I included a couple of the stitched variety above too.  You can find the patterns for these over in our Christmas shop along with patterns for reindeer, holly, robins and much more besides!

Then of course when you bring your tree home, the next exciting task is to decorate it!  Each year since Freddie was born I have made a little felt decoration for Rosie’s tree …..

This year’s offering is a little Christmas sausage dog … Rosie has often said that one day she’d like a dachshund, so I thought she’d enjoy this version while she waited for a puppy to join the family….

And you’ll find this little hound in the current (December) issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine. (he’s not currently available as an individual pattern).

A few years ago now I shared the cactus decoration pattern  here on the blog, as well as a little llama – both shown in the image directly above.  The cactus doesn’t have a pot in this version, but it’s easy to add if you wish.  In case you missed these, and would like to make them for this year’s tree, just CLICK HERE to visit the original post and download your free pattern.

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