So much busy-ness!

by Helen on March 16, 2014

Rosie came to visit this weekend with her friend Naomi (aka Maid of Honour/Chief Bridesmaid).  With only just over 3 months until THE BIG DAY there was a lot to do and a great deal of busy-ness.  We visited the church and met with the flower ladies, while my new overlocker (serger) was put to very good use indeed ….

Wedding invitations!!  They are so beautiful – we are very pleased indeed with them.  Rosie originally wanted to print the invitations on an assortment of vintage hankies – but fell in love with a particular pretty little pink floral one.  So we scanned it, played around with photoshop for a while and when it was just right we uploaded the file and ordered several dozen from Spoonflower, printed onto Kona cotton.  Then more to do when the fabric arrived – cutting out the individual hankies and overlocking the edges with just the right shade of pink thread (very carefully chosen). Above are the finished results and we think they’ll make lovely keepsakes for the guests too.

As well as hankies, Rosie brought her pompom maker for me to borrow as I needed to make some bunny tails for my “Whoops! Bunny” project for the April magazine ….

Very fluffy!!  It’s amazing how much fluffiness you can achieve with the help of Ben & Daisy’s slicker brush!  We also practised our ganache-making skills – Rosie wants some chocolate ganache mice and bunnies to enjoy with coffee at the end of her wedding meal …..

They’ll be great for Easter too – I’ll include the recipe in the April magazine for chocaholics everywhere!  And it’s no wonder that with all this busy-ness going on, a certain young Newfie (who absolutely has to join in every activity) was totally worn out by the time Rosie & Naomi left earlier this evening ….

She’s so cute when she’s asleep.  But when she’s awake – a proper little pickle!!




by Helen on January 9, 2014

I am not really supposed to be blogging today. Following my operation I am supposed to be resting with my leg raised.  (Ben and Daisy are staying in their favourite kennels for a few days to give my knee a chance to heal).  But I simply had to share this moment with you ….

The staff at the hospital were lovely and took very good care of me.  I had to have a general anaesthetic for my operation which was a bit scary, but I am pleased to report that all went well.  However … on coming round I saw a nurse bending over me trying not to giggle.  I was very surprised until she told me that my first word upon beginning to recover consciousness was …… chocolate!!   Oooo the embarrassment!



Heaven … chocolate heaven ….

by Helen on August 25, 2013

Heaven … I’m in heaven … as Frank Sinatra used to sing – but my heaven is not dancing cheek to cheek, but rather stuffing my cheeks, hamster-fashion, with this wonderful chocolate tiffin cake …..


 Rosie brought the recipe with her and assures me that this tiffin has no calories at all if you eat it (a) standing up, and (b) if nobody sees you do so.  I’m not at all sure about that – just look at the divine chocolatey-ness of it… 


 And here’s the recipe Rosie shared with me …

100g 70% dark chocolate, 300g good quality milk chocolate, 100g unsalted butter, 3 tbspns golden syrup, 275g crushed digestive biscuits (these are a sweetmeal biscuit, a little like a graham cracker), 200g Maltesers. (Rosie prefers to use metric units, but you can find lots of conversion tables online if needed, though to be perfectly honest I don’t think that the quantities need to be too exact).  This recipe simply couldn’t be easier and would be a great make for kids too!

  • Melt the butter, 100g milk chocolate, all the dark chocolate and golden syrup together until they are a smooth silky texture
  • Pour the crushed digestive biscuits into this mixture and stir together to make a sort of paste.  Then mix in the Maltesers.
  • Line a pan with greaseproof paper and spoon in your mixture, flattening the top with your spoon.
  • In a separate bowl melt the remaining 200g of milk chocolate.  Then pour as a topping onto your tiffin.  Leave to set.
  • After a couple of hours in the fridge it should be set.  Cut it into squares, eating the crumbs as you go, and share with friends and family.  Yum!! 



We had a lovely Easter.  The weather was reasonably kind to us – cold, but dry, so our Egg Hunt was able to go ahead as planned.  Ben and Daisy went up into the garden with Rosie and Dan to help hide all the chocolate goodies, but I am sorry to have to tell you that, after only a few minutes they were returned to the kitchen in disgrace.   

Easter 2013

 Ben had spotted that the eggs were being placed in nooks and crannies just out of his reach.  Clearly he felt this was totally unsatisfactory but, due to his rather lazy nature, he didn’t try to jump up and reach them.  Oh no …. he simply bumped his big furry body into the bushes and trees holding eggs and gave them a good shake – which definitely achieved the desired results as far as he was concerned.  Luckily his bad behaviour was spotted before he and Daisy had chance to consume his ill-gotten gains and that was when they were both returned to the kitchen in disgrace! 

Easter 2013

So there were lots of goodies left for Emily and Oliver (my friend Lisa’s twins) to discover.  I think they were pleased with their treasures!  Then after lunch everybody wanted to relax – except for the youngest member of the family …. 

Easter 2013

 Who was quite determined to stay awake!  Eventually even she was persuaded to lie quietly for a cuddle … 

Easter 2013

 Though she didn’t stay quiet for very long! 

Here at Bustle & Sew Easter isn’t quite over yet – my 40% off Easter Eggstravaganza finishes at midnight tonight (BST) so there’s still time to pick up a cracking (groan!) good bargain – you don’t even need a code, your discount is automatically deducted at checkout.  

And finally … bunnies are not just for Easter …. here’s a sneak peak at my Curlywurly Cottontails pattern for next month’s magazine… 

Curlywurly Cottontail detail

 I’ll tell you a bit more about the Curlywurly Cottontails next time!