First melt your chocolate ….


"What are we going to make today mum?" wonders Miss Daisy.  Having spotted my bowls, baking tins and mixer being made ready for action she has planted herself very hopefully in front of the fridge! Sadly for her, this is not a recipe for sharing with my canine friends, as it begins ..... first melt … [Read more...]

Meet the Maker: Bakerita


It has to be said that it is not often I am at a loss for words.  But when Rosie showed me the recipe for the September Magazine, my mouth dropped open (sadly nobody put one of these S'Mores Brownies into it) and I stared, mesmerised at the screen for a good - let's say 30 seconds - before I trotted … [Read more...]

So much busy-ness!

Rosie came to visit this weekend with her friend Naomi (aka Maid of Honour/Chief Bridesmaid).  With only just over 3 months until THE BIG DAY there was a lot to do and a great deal of busy-ness.  We visited the church and met with the flower ladies, while my new overlocker (serger) was put to very … [Read more...]