Meet the Maker: Bakerita


It has to be said that it is not often I am at a loss for words.  But when Rosie showed me the recipe for the September Magazine, my mouth dropped open (sadly nobody put one of these S'Mores Brownies into it) and I stared, mesmerised at the screen for a good - let's say 30 seconds - before I trotted … [Read more...]

So much busy-ness!

Rosie came to visit this weekend with her friend Naomi (aka Maid of Honour/Chief Bridesmaid).  With only just over 3 months until THE BIG DAY there was a lot to do and a great deal of busy-ness.  We visited the church and met with the flower ladies, while my new overlocker (serger) was put to very … [Read more...]


I am not really supposed to be blogging today. Following my operation I am supposed to be resting with my leg raised.  (Ben and Daisy are staying in their favourite kennels for a few days to give my knee a chance to heal).  But I simply had to share this moment with you .... The staff at the … [Read more...]