Daisy’s Birthday Pawty

by Helen on November 10, 2013

Yesterday was a very special day – it was Miss Daisy’s first birthday, and Rosie, her number one fan, decided that we should mark the occasion with a canine birthday pawty!  They spent the morning baking …

Daisy's Birthday Pawty

….a  whole pile of crunchy peanut butter treats, as well as a doggy birthday cake …

Daisy's BirthdayBefore long it was time for the birthday girl to put on her pawty hat ….

Daisy's Birthday

As her special guest was about to arrive – the extremely handsome Lionel ..

Daisy's Birthday Pawty

Whilst the youngsters played and the humans chatted  (Daisy was sure Lionel was laughing at her hat!), Ben just wanted to sample the cake …Daisy's Birthday Pawty

 Not long to wait Ben!  Light the candle and join in the singing .. Happy Birthday Miss Daisy, Happy Birthday to you.


 But all too soon the pawty came to an end and it was time for Lionel to go home. Everyone, especially Daisy, had a wonderful time.

Daisy's Birthday PawtyHappy first birthday, Daisy.  We hope you had a pawfect day!!




Flapdoodledesigns – Seed Packet Giveaway

by Helen on August 2, 2013

This morning, we went to the beach at Strete Gate for our early walk and I was struck by how quickly the year is progressing.  It seems only a little while ago, rather than two or three months, that the beach was in full bloom ….

Strete Gate (2)

 Today the early summer flowers had all gone…

Strete Gate August 2013

Leaving behind a tangle of seedheads ….

Strete Gate August 2013

 Perfect for becoming stuck to furry coats!  This means lots of brushing when we return home from walks at this time of the year as grass seeds in particular if left in the coat can work their way into the skin and cause painful problems.

Now is the time for collecting seeds for next year, and my friend Jacqui who’s a keen gardener, as well as talented illustrator (Flapdoodledesigns) has created a lovely little collection of printable seed packets – perfect for keeping seeds safely – and great if you’re planning to share your harvest as gifts or swops ….

And she’s very kindly sharing one of these designs with Bustle & Sew readers – absolutely free!  Just CLICK HERE to download your free Cornishware mug seed packet printable (with full instructions for assembly).   If you’d like the full set, then they’re available to purchase from Jacqui’s Etsy Shop.  

 And finally …  Rosie snapped this picture of me assembling the homemade sausage rolls for my party.  

Me and my helper!

 I had no idea she was taking it!  But I simply had to share – don’t you just love the way my “helper” is licking her lips in hopeful anticipation?! 


Dark winter mornings

by Helen on January 17, 2013

I remember dark winter mornings when Rosie was at school and I was working full time.  Townie Husband would leave the house first, clattering down the steps, briefcase in hand, while I was busy packing sandwiches, locating homework and trying to apply mascara all at the same time!    Now times have changed and, while I still wake early from habit, during the winter I have the luxury of remaining in bed a little while longer while it’s still dark outside, and often do a little stitching whilst listening to the early morning radio.  (This doesn’t happen in the summer as Ben is always keen and eager to start his day with an early morning walk).

I’ve been working on a new hand embroidery project for this month’s magazine and, as it involves stitching fur, I’ve had my camera to hand so I can take photographs of the stitching to show the different steps involved.  In a silly mood this morning, I snapped the view from my pillow …

Mice are Nice wip

.. my countryside quilt is partly covered by granny’s eiderdown – it’s been very chilly here for the past few nights.  There’s my sewing tin, the one that used to belong to my mother’s mother, and my stitching – featuring some lines from Rose Fylman’s lovely poem “I think mice are nice!”  And here’s a close-up of the first completed mouse ….

Mice are Nice wip

I found a panel of vintage eiderdown fabric on eBay and am stitching onto that – much more interesting than plain white or cream for this design I think, as I have chosen a very limited colour palette for the actual embroidery.  Following advice from one of Helen Stevens’ books, I have added a thin line of back stitch in dark brown along the bottom of his tail which really does give it a nice 3D effect.  I need to add some shading below his body I think, but plan to do this at the end so I can work out how to place the lines taking the other mice into account.  

Finally – I just have to share this photo with you … it’s Daisy making her first expedition into our garden.  She looks so serious and determined, and is also growing very fast, having increased her bodyweight by a third from 12 to 18 lbs in just one week!!  But then she is eating as much as Ben …..

Daisy in the Garden


Pupdate and flash sale!

by Helen on January 6, 2013

Don’t worry – I promise this is not going to turn into a blog about dogs – well, no more than before, anyway!  But so many people have asked to see a little more of Daisy that I thought I’d post just a few more pictures.  I did want to show you my quilt as you go project – I met my self-imposed deadline, and the quilt was on my bed in time for Christmas, but will save that for another time.  

Yesterday I took Daisy for her first trip to the beach.  I had to carry the solid little dumpling as she hasn’t had her final innoculations yet, so mustn’t come into contact with other dogs.   


And here we are!  Sorry I look so serious, but it’s hard trying to control a wriggling puppy, keep an eye on an over-excited big brother and hold my phone in the right place all at the same time.  So I simply forgot to smile.  But I think the cuteness of Daisy more than compensates! 


She was fascinated by her big brother’s antics – and in turn he jumped and twirled, splashed and ran – a proper show-off! 

Ben at Beesands

And then he demonstrated his amazing strength and daring by bringing us a selection of the largest stones from the bed of the stream! 

Being a big brother!

On returning home satisfied that life with Daisy would still include all his favourite things, Ben began to make friends ….. 

Being a big brother!

But, oh dear, being a Big Brother is just sooooo tiring!

But fun too Ben … and I’ve been so busy playing with Daisy that I’m getting all behind on other stuff – such as closing my Christmas shop.  So I thought before I remove it tomorrow, I’d have a 24 hour flash sale on the whole of Bustle & Sew!  Just enter the code FLASH at checkout to receive an amazing 40% off everything in my store (except magazine subscriptions).

Yes, that’s  40% discount on everything for the next 24 hours only when you enter the code “FLASH” at checkout!!