A Christmassy visit to Wells


Yesterday we all set off into Wells for lunch, and to see some very special visitors to the city.  When we arrived everywhere was buzzing! Stalls had been set up down the High Street and in Market Square some fairground rides were doing brisk business.  Chestnuts were roasting and wine was being … [Read more...]

Reindeer, bunting and a pug!

Pug Head

What a nightmare this last week has been - for IT issues that is!  As you may know, our site fell over completely last Monday and though our IT wizards managed to get it up and running again by the weekend, we've still been experiencing glitches. Email has only just come back online, so if you've … [Read more...]

Things I can’t manage without!


The IT problems we've been experiencing for the best part of a week now have made me think a little about some of the things I simply can't manage without.  Chocolate of course, Philosophy beauty products (my fave for many years), my trusty laptop - these are some of the larger things.  But there … [Read more...]

Christmas Video and hat pulling!

When I first began Bustle & Sew I had absolutely no idea how many different skills I would have to learn over the years.  Although I could already sew and embroider of course, my skills  have developed tremendously and I've learned so much from other keen stitchers who so generously share their … [Read more...]