Christmas Video and hat pulling!

by Helen on December 3, 2013

When I first began Bustle & Sew I had absolutely no idea how many different skills I would have to learn over the years.  Although I could already sew and embroider of course, my skills  have developed tremendously and I’ve learned so much from other keen stitchers who so generously share their knowledge online.  But sadly running a (very) small business isn’t just about sewing …. I’ve become reasonably proficient in photoshop, which I really enjoy and have discovered the easiest and most fun ever desktop publishing package – a vital tool as the Bustle & Sew e-Magazine has developed and hopefully improved over the last 35 issues.  I don’t think I’ll ever really get to grips with the book keeping side of things and I positively hate admin, so I’m not nearly as well organised as I should be.  Time management is another issue – with two furry friends who’d rather be on the beach than sitting watching me work!

Now the latest skill I’m trying is video production.  I’ve come a bit late to this as my erratic rural internet connection has made both uploading and viewing videos somewhat problematic.  However …. Mr Fox: Wish Upon a Star was such fun to make, I decided to persevere and am now proud to present my first-ever Christmas promotional video …. 

 Featuring lots of Bustle & Sew patterns from my Christmas store.  Now I’ve been bitten by the video bug expect more …. Daisy’s first Christmas might be a good subject, though they were both very naughty about their Christmas hats …

A rare moment of co-operation as each tried to pull the other’s hat off!  Stronger elastic for Christmas Day I think!



The December 2013 issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine is out this week and it’s stuffed with Christmas projects!  Fun designs that give great results and don’t take forever – after all this is a very busy time of year!

Bustle & Sew Magazine Issue 35: December 2013

If you’re on Facebook and would like a chance to win the little red reindeer from this month’s issue (sooo Christmassy) just pop on over to my page to enter the giveaway.   Baby Reindeer GiveawayAnd if you’d like to make your own reindeer, you’ll find the pattern on page 30 of the December issue – still just $5.50 when you subscribe in 2013.  

(So sorry, but the price will have to rise for new subscribers in January.  Existing subscribers please don’t worry, your price will remain the same forever – no price rises ever – I promise!)

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Seeking kind new home …..

by Helen on November 22, 2013

Baby Reindeer Giveaway

 Could you give little Holly a home this Christmas?  Keep an eye on my Facebook page to find out how.


If you’d gone down to our woods today

by Helen on November 21, 2013

 If you had been in our woods today you would have seen two lively and mischievous Newfies out on their morning walk … 

Ben and Daisy

Yes, the very handsome Mr Benjamin and his naughty little sister Miss Daisy were having a lovely outing in the crisp, cold sunshine.  Ben in particular has been rejuvenated by the chilly days… all summer long he lazed and snoozed, feeling so lethargic in the summer heat … 

View from my iPad

But now that winter has arrived he is full of life, galloping around and crashing through the undergrowth, whilst the ever-energetic Daisy is positively fizzing with excitement these days!  I thought you might enjoy this little video of them staging a mock-fight (ignore the growlings, this really is just play) around the trees and through the fallen leaves.  Don’t forget that Ben weighs around 160 lbs, and Daisy about 110 lbs, so they’re quite large dogs and the woodland floor seemed almost to tremble as they charged around playing their silly doggy games!

Then home, and I’d like to introduce you to another two woodland creatures – these are much quieter and better behaved!  Meet Holly and Berry – baby reindeer – my reworking of a vintage design to be included in the December issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine – published in just a week’s time (eek!)  Hope you like them!

Holly & Berry