Stir up Sunday!


Today is Stir-up Sunday - when it really does begin to feel as though Christmas is just around the corner!  I remember my grandma, our family's champion pudding maker, in her tiny kitchen vigorously stirring a huge bowl of fragrant, spicy-smelling mixture with a wooden spoon before inviting all us … [Read more...]

Owls, foxes and our new bunny …


I've been very busy over the weekend working on the patterns for the September issue of the magazine, including my first Christmas pattern of the year (catch a glimpse of my penguin over on Instagram).  In September my thoughts begin to turn away from the beach inland towards the woods as the trees … [Read more...]

A nice hot cup of tea

I do enjoy a nice cup of tea.  This is one indulgence that is guilt-free (being English I am obliged to drink lots of tea), very nearly calorie-free and can be enjoyed either alone or, nicest of all, in the company of friends.  I have a perfectly sized teapot for just two cups, and on these lovely … [Read more...]