A walk around Oakhill


Today it was Daisy's turn to visit the dog groomer.  Michelle, our new groomer, is a very lovely lady, but I cannot pretend that the Newfies are very impressed with the idea of being clean, fragrant and fluffy!  Ben had his turn earlier this week so while Daisy was being tortured beautified(!) I … [Read more...]

If you’d gone down to our woods today

 If you had been in our woods today you would have seen two lively and mischievous Newfies out on their morning walk ...  Yes, the very handsome Mr Benjamin and his naughty little sister Miss Daisy were having a lovely outing in the crisp, cold sunshine.  Ben in particular has been rejuvenated by … [Read more...]

Along the river at Loddiswell

Another bright sparkly day!  I feel as though for the last six months or so I've been living beneath a damp grey flannel - which has suddenly been whisked away to reveal a lovely sunshiney world with blue skies and little white puffy clouds - instead of dreary grey skies, mud and almost incessant … [Read more...]