In which I am not better…

Thank you so much everyone who sent me their best wishes for a speedy recovery.  I am sorry I have not responded to you individually but that is because unfortunately I am not making a speedy recovery.  I am sure Rosie would tell me that my immune system is becoming less efficient due to my … [Read more...]

Little Knitted Bunny – the video!!

Just to say ... an ENORMOUS THANKYOU to everyone who left comments for me below.  I've emailed quite a few folks- but can't find addresses for everyone so please accept my thanks here.  I'm planning a lovely afternoon tomorrow browsing through all the sites you suggest.  I have been … [Read more...]

Back to normal and robin mittens for me!

Phew ... here in England for the last week we have been experiencing a most unseasonal heatwave!  The thermometer has been well up into the 80s (that's mid to upper 20s centigrade) and we've all unpacked our summer clothes, donned our flip flops and headed to the beach and other such … [Read more...]