How we used to do it ….

by Helen on November 11, 2012

First of all, thank you so much to everybody who entered my Reindeer Kit draw.  I can hardly believe the number of comments – and all your wonderful – and so creative – suggestions for his name.  I am sorry to say that I have been so busy reading and chuckling over(!) your ideas, that I haven’t yet counted all the entries, taken out any duplicates, applied the Random Number Generator and identified the winning commment.  I will do that later on today after I’ve taken Ben out and announce the winner tomorrow.  Promise!

Meanwhile .. I thought you might like to see how, when Bustle & Sew was very young, giveaway winners were chosen – below is an extract from a blog post from 3 years ago when Amy (Ben’s adoptive mum) was still with us …

 The comments were numbered in the order they appeared on the blog. Thank you to everybody who entered. The judges were ready ….

A yummy selection of dog-biscuits were numbered. (with non-toxic pen. Also testing was undertaken to ensure no preference for a particular shape of biscuit!)

The paw (Amy’s) came out …. watch carefully or you’ll miss it – she’s very quick! (In fact I missed the winning biscuit – it had vanished by the time I pressed the button on the camera! This was a special re-run so you could see exactly how she did it). 

 And when the biscuits were lined up again, amid great objections from the judges, number 14 was found to be missing, so (back in 2009), number 14 won the prize!
This isn’t the result of the 2012 Reindeer Kit draw, just a reminder of how we used to do it!    The Reindeer kit was amazingly popular with  many more than 29 entries, and I think I might lose the will to live if I had to write numbers onto 250 dog biscuits – though I think the black furry one would enjoy munching his way through them! 

Christmas Garland

Meanwhile, just to let you know – I have listed the new set of Christmas designs from SewFlapdoodle in my Christmas store, “A Christmas Garland of Patterns” - that’s it above.  And, later on today, I’ll be sending out not one, but two free SewFlapdoodle designs to all my free newsletter readers…. so don’t forget to check your in-box later!
Back tomorrow with the Reindeer kit giveaway result! 


The only cat allowed!!

by Helen on October 8, 2012

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned before – but Ben, normally laid-back and placid as he is – strongly dislikes cats!  This is partly Amy’s fault as she taught him that cats were BAD.  Amy was adopted, coming to me at six years old, so I don’t know what had happened in her past to make her dislike felines so much.  

cheshire cat

I do think however, that the natural friendliness of Ben’s nature would probably have overcome Amy’s teachings  if he hadn’t been badly scratched on his tender snout when, as a puppy, he was trying to make friends with the next door cat.  From that day on he has regarded cats as good for only one thing – CHASING!!    Cat lovers do not need to worry however, as Ben is most definitely not built for speed.  He has no chance whatsoever of  catching his tormentors, who delight in adopting the pose shown above and delicately twitching their tails when they think Ben might be getting bored of staring at them.  

I remember an occasion, when Ben was still quite young, certainly less than 12 months old (but already weighing 100 lbs or more), when we all went to our local pub for a cool drink at the end of a hot day.  Townie Husband and I were relaxing, talking about the day’s events, whilst the two newfies snoozed gently at our feet.  Amy could be trusted not to wander away, and Ben’s lead was secured to our table leg.  All was peaceful – until the pub cat strolled into the bar.  


  Amy looking as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth!

 In a flash Amy was awake, alert and moving…. the cat shot out through the open door (luckily onto a peaceful country lane)….. Amy streaked after her….. I leapt up in hot pursuit whilst, to my horror, behind me I heard a loud crash as our table was pulled to the floor and started to travel across the bar behind the young and very active Ben who was determined not to miss any of the fun!

Townie Husband was left standing – mouth open in horror with two glasses in his hands that he’d had the presence of mind to snatch up before the table went over!  And the cat?  Quite safe and unharmed of course.  As I made it to the door I was met by a very sheepish Amy who – with her crippled legs – would never have caught it.  All that was left to do was to calm Ben and somehow restore order within!  

But even Ben can’t object to this little kitten –  the perfect gift for cat-lovers everywhere – and included in the November issue of the Bustle & Sew ezine

Cosy Cat Cushion

Cosy Cat Applique Cushion Cover 

Or can he? …..