A walk around Oakhill


Today it was Daisy's turn to visit the dog groomer.  Michelle, our new groomer, is a very lovely lady, but I cannot pretend that the Newfies are very impressed with the idea of being clean, fragrant and fluffy!  Ben had his turn earlier this week so while Daisy was being tortured beautified(!) I … [Read more...]

Bluebells but no water at Blackdown Rings

phone pics 063

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who has sent me good wishes for my (hopefully) soon-to-be-happening house move.  It's so kind of you all, and I really do appreciate that you took the trouble to get in touch.  We're hoping to move in the first week of June - but everything is currently in … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Ben!


Yes, today is St George's Day - but it is also somebody's birthday .... somebody large and black and furry ..... Yes, the big fellow is 8 years old today.  He will be celebrating with a special birthday walk, followed by his favourite peanut butter dog cake.  Happy birthday Ben! … [Read more...]