The Best Possible News!


The last few weeks have been quite stressful - not only moving house, but worrying so much about Daisy's illness, to the extent that I've been known to poke her with my finger just to check she's still breathing when she's been very deeply asleep.  As she'd been so very ill, I was told back at the … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Ben!


Yes, today is St George's Day - but it is also somebody's birthday .... somebody large and black and furry ..... Yes, the big fellow is 8 years old today.  He will be celebrating with a special birthday walk, followed by his favourite peanut butter dog cake.  Happy birthday Ben! … [Read more...]

There’s always one …


There's always one .... and it's always Daisy!  Although Daisy has the sweetest, happiest, most loving nature, she has to be the clumsiest dog I've ever owned.  She has been known to trip over her own front paws and land on her nose, is totally unco-ordinated and has the most peculiar gait - rather … [Read more...]