The fate of naughty pups!

dogheadscushion 018

This afternoon I decided to make a start on the Christmas decorations.  We'd been out for a nice walk earlier, though a little shorter than usual as Miss Daisy has a sore paw (nothing serious) so is taking it easy for a while.  I managed to hang my first garland and was feeling very pleased with … [Read more...]

A Splashy Crashy visit to Lannacombe


Sunday night was blustery, with heavy showers and even a rumble or two of thunder - nearly drowning out the sound of canine snoring coming from the slumbering Newfies safely snuggled into their nice comfy beds.  Monday morning dawned bright and breezy, and the tide was low - the perfect opportunity … [Read more...]

Miss Daisy misbehaves (again!)

Sometimes living with two Newfies can be a little frustrating (although I do of course love them very much).  They are a breed renowned for their bonding with and love for their humans, and certainly my two are are most reluctant to leave my side.  If they anticipate my being in one place for a … [Read more...]