Some Wedding Photos ….

by Helen on July 6, 2014

At last … I have some pictures to share with you……


The happy couple leaving the church

The colour’s a bit washed out above so here’s a close up of Rosie’s beautiful bouquet.  Absolutely stunning!

Then it was off to the reception.  We’d spent nearly a whole day decorating this barn in South Milton, just 15 minutes from the church ….

And it did look lovely.  Spot the embroidery hoop table names, as well as ….

Embroidered place settings and handmade napkins lovingly folded into hearts (wonder who made those?!)

All the youngsters – from left to right – Naomi was Maid of Honour, she’s Rosie’s oldest friend from school days, Sam was an Usher, then the Bride and Groom of course – Rosie met Felicia, her second bridesmaid, in Australia when they were both travelling, and Jack, Dan’s younger brother was Best Man.

Their first dance (aahhh) – a great band – jazz in the afternoon and something much livelier for dancing later!

A truly wonderful day … as Rosie was heard to remark:  “This has been the best day of my life!”



We were so lucky with the weather on Saturday.  It rained early in the morning and again for a short time in the evening but otherwise the day was warm, dry and sunny – such a bonus as the forecasts had been so bad in the period leading up to THE BIG DAY.  However … this wonderful weather did cause a bit of a hiccup early on in proceedings.  I was able to laugh about it afterwards, but at the time it really wasn’t funny at all!

Dan had arranged for two beautiful vintage cars to take the wedding party to the church – only about five minutes drive – but a narrow, twisting road prone to congestion during the summer months.  The bridesmaids and I were to travel in the first car, and would arrive hopefully around 15-20 minutes before the bride and her father.

We duly set off, only a few moments behind schedule, but almost immediately became trapped in a battle between the number 93 double decker bus travelling in one direction and a caravan and coachful of foreign visitors proceeding the opposite way.  Nobody was able or willing to reverse and there was a stand-off whilst traffic quickly snarled up behind in both directions.  This traffic of course included our vintage car which quickly began to overheat in the sunshine.  Steam began to rise from the radiator and the car refused to go any further once the jam had cleared.  We were stuck!!

There was nothing for it but to leap out of our vehicle and try to flag down a car and beg them to take us to the church. Just imagine two bridesmaids and the mother of the bride running down the road in all our finery  trying to thumb a lift!!   Luckily, this being a friendly rural area, some lovely people did stop and pick us up and we arrived at the church less than 5 minutes before Rosie and her dad (who experienced no problems at all thank goodness, but were rather concerned, having seen our car – minus its occupants  -steaming gently at the side of the road).

I guess this is one of those family stories that will always be remembered, and it’s very funny now – but certainly didn’t feel in the least bit humorous at the time!  Why do these things ALWAYS happen to me?!?



The first few pictures…..

by Helen on June 29, 2014

Some lovely photos taken by Rosie’s wedding florists ……

The reception was in the wonderful Barn at South Milton

The flowers were from Blue Geranium in Totnes (who also took these pictures)

Rosie’s bouquet – so very beautiful…

And a loveheart for our front door



by Helen on June 28, 2014