Early morning at Beesands

by Helen on February 20, 2014

This morning I awoke very early to hear (yet again) the sound of the rain beating against my bedroom window.  My heart sank and I snuggled down beneath the covers for just a little longer (as I thought)!   Waking again some time later I was delighted to discover that a weak and watery sun was trying to push its way from behind the clouds – and by 8.30 was shining brightly in a blue sky.  So I loaded my furry friends into the back of my car and we headed off down to Beesands, just a few minutes from home.  Today the sea looked so calm and gentle …

It seems impossible that just a couple of weeks ago it was so destructive and violent.  I think I mentioned before that the road at Beesands had been washed away – and on this trip it was possible to see the full extent of the damage ….

Quite horrifying!  Beesands is a very popular destination for many of our summer visitors and if the road isn’t repaired there will be a definite impact on local businesses.  I don’t think it will be a very high priority though with so many more urgent repairs to carry out – and I’m not sure what will happen.  None of this bothered the Newfies of course, who were just happy to be back on the beach ….

Yes .. that’s Daisy launching an attack leap at poor long-suffering Ben.  He puts up with her very well!  I was delighted with a special beachcombing find this morning – this would have been a perfect Valentine image and was a definite “keeper.”

Then home again.  Daisy loves my new kitchen door and I rather like it too!  I’ve yearned for a stable door for some time and as my old door was completely rotten and had to be replaced I now have a beautiful shiny version.  And even nicer – it’s the perfect height for Miss Daisy to rest her furry paws upon while gazing at the world outside  ….


(Excuse the untidiness behind her – I’m moving and sorting everything out prior to a bit of redecorating)  Then, leaving Daisy and Ben snoring gently I headed upstairs for a little more sewing.  


 Another project for the March Bustle & Sew Magazine – all will be revealed very soon indeed! 



Back at Beesands

by Helen on October 25, 2013

At last … yesterday after nearly a week in bed I woke up feeling refreshed and restored … my usual self again.  So to celebrate I thought I’d take my furry friends, who have been bewildered and distressed by my absence from their lives, down to the beach at Beesands.  We haven’t been there for a while as Ben has been poorly too but, unlike me, he brought his difficulties entirely upon himself.  He has always loved to collect large smooth round beach pebbles and bring them home with him, but recently he has taken to eating them too – something I wasn’t aware of until he began to experience – how shall I put it – output problems!!  An X-ray showed 12 large stones travelling through his digestive system – but luckily for him a large dose of liquid paraffin cleared the blockage – this time at least!  So while we were there I watched him like a hawk as Beesands is a mainly shingle beach – and made a little video of our trip too ….

The vet has recommended a basket muzzle to stop his pebble munching but I must admit I’m a bit reluctant to do this – he’d hate it – and I think it would make him look scary to other beach users.  But if I can’t stop this habit any other way, then Master Benjamin will indeed be fitted for a muzzle.  Watch out Ben – and be GOOD!



I haven’t blogged for a few days for a couple of reasons…. firstly … August’s e-zine is published on Thursday and I’ve been bustling round putting the final touches to this special seaside issue.  And secondly …. well, secondly was a bit of a first actually, if that makes sense?  Ben and I have been to Bristol together, to visit Rosie and take in the Bristol Harbourside Festival.  First time Ben has been to the big city and the first time he has ever stayed in a hotel!  Yes – a dog-friendly hotel!! 

The Harbourside Festival was great, loads to see and really busy, but my furry friend was totally unfazed by the crowds.  We couldn’t stop to greet all his new admirers though as we were heading for a very special spot at a very special time.  We passed all the boats decorated with bunting… 

Bristol Harbourside Festival

and were lucky enough to see the wonderful replica ship Matthew Bristol Harbourside Festival

The original Matthew was John Cabot’s ship – he set sail more than 500 years ago hoping to reach Asia. In fact, in 1495, he landed on the coast of Newfoundland .. which brings me neatly to our reason for visiting Bristol this weekend. We came to see the Newfound Friends Display Team – yes Newfoundland Dogs!!  Ben was under strict instructions to watch and learn.  We arrived early and secured a great vantage point.  As the display started Ben was absolutely riveted!!  He couldn’t take his eyes off them..

Bristol Harbourside Festival

… as they leapt into the water.  None of this putting your paw in first to check how deep it might be – no, flying leaps were the order of the day…

Bristol Harbourside Festival

I felt sure that Ben was absorbing it all …. Bristol Harbourside Festival

And that when we returned home he would amaze me with his daring aquabatics on the beach. We went to Rosie’s for supper and he was exhausted – not even enough energy to munch on the lovely dog-chew she’d bought for him.   So, on our next trip to the beach … were there flying leaps and daring deep water swimming through large waves?   What do you think? 

Ben at Beesands

 Of course not!!  A little gentle swimming was followed by some serious posing and collecting of beautiful pebbles to take home for his collection.  Clearly, although he was watching – he did not learn!