Some Wedding Photos ….

by Helen on July 6, 2014

At last … I have some pictures to share with you……


The happy couple leaving the church

The colour’s a bit washed out above so here’s a close up of Rosie’s beautiful bouquet.  Absolutely stunning!

Then it was off to the reception.  We’d spent nearly a whole day decorating this barn in South Milton, just 15 minutes from the church ….

And it did look lovely.  Spot the embroidery hoop table names, as well as ….

Embroidered place settings and handmade napkins lovingly folded into hearts (wonder who made those?!)

All the youngsters – from left to right – Naomi was Maid of Honour, she’s Rosie’s oldest friend from school days, Sam was an Usher, then the Bride and Groom of course – Rosie met Felicia, her second bridesmaid, in Australia when they were both travelling, and Jack, Dan’s younger brother was Best Man.

Their first dance (aahhh) – a great band – jazz in the afternoon and something much livelier for dancing later!

A truly wonderful day … as Rosie was heard to remark:  “This has been the best day of my life!”



Such a shame….

by Helen on May 4, 2014

This morning I headed off to a car boot sale held in aid of Chillington Community Association.  It was held in a lovely spot, a farmer had allowed the use of his field overlooking the creek, the sun was shining and everyone was feeling very cheerful.  As it was a local sale it was a chance to meet with friends and neighbours, compare gardening notes, exchange gossip and, in my case, be the subject of a great deal of teasing about whether my baby roses would manage to grow enough to cover my rose arch in time for THE BIG DAY!   

Then I headed off for a browse around the stalls.  They were mostly offering children’s clothes and toys, games and sporting equipment, but tucked away in a corner I discoverd one lady with just a few vintage textiles including this beautiful embroidered table cloth ……

And some crochet lace that will be perfect for wedding decorations.  The cloth measures around 48″ square and is beautifully stitched with a flower spray at each corner in lovely soft colours.  It has clearly at one time been very much loved and treasured – look at this beautiful darn….

But I purchased it for just 50p!  (around 84 US cents).  So much work – and so little valued – such a shame!  But it has a new, very appreciative, home with me now, and will be brought out regularly over the summer months for tea in the garden.  And it made a lovely background to show you my “Bloom and Grow” embroidery – a project for the June magazine….

I have a little of this lovely floral fabric left over and am thinking of offering a limited edition of kits for this pattern next month.  The kit would include the floral fabric pre-printed ready to stitch and all the floss required.  All you’d need to provide would be the hoop for framing.  Please do let me know if you think you might be interested as I only have enough of this fabric for around half-a-dozen kits.  The price would be £15 ($25)  inclusive of postage (worldwide).   There’s no committment at this stage – I’d just like to find out if there is any potential interest.

And finally I’ll you with this slightly blurry picture …..

The current craze for selfies has reached the Newfies here in Devon!!  



Busy in the garden

by Helen on March 29, 2014

Now the April issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine has been safely sent out to all my lovely subscribers, I have a little spare time – and so it’s time to begin preparations for our wedding wildflower garden at the front of Coombe Leigh …

Here’s my house – this picture was taken last February so there’s nothing to see in the garden at all (it was a cold, late spring last year).  But this June there will be a garland of roses on the front door (possibly even a rose archway over the gate) and the flower beds will be filled with wild flowers – daisies, love in the mist, and lots more too.  I don’t know exactly what as my friend Jacqui (Flapdoodledesigns) is a very keen and expert gardener who has taken charge of the project.  At the moment she’s busy raising lots of baby seedlings to plant very soon indeed ….

And this is how Jacqui’s garden looked last summer …..

So I’m feeling very confident – at least for the front garden!  We had hoped to have wildflowers at the back too – but – there’s a large black furry problem!  Having watched everyone hard at work preparing the beds at the front earlier this week – young Miss Daisy decided to “help” too.  She’s not allowed in the front – so obviously decided to make an extra effort in the back garden …..

Oh dear … I’m not sure that wild flowers will survive her efforts – we’ll have to think of something else.  She looks so pleased and proud of herself though, it’s hard to be cross.  

Thanks for all your help Miss Daisy!


A year in the life of ….. Daisy!!

by Helen on January 2, 2014

Following on from my last post – today I took the dogs to the vet’s for their booster shots, and then realised that tomorrow it will be exactly a year since I brought Miss Daisy home.  A year since the house was peaceful and quiet … a year since sewing/knitting/sandwiches or anything at all really could safely be left unattended.  Although she has improved a lot, de-stuffing my Coastguard’s Cottages draught excluder remains a favourite occupation.  The cottage at the end has been re-stitched several times and is definitely suffering from subsidence!

I would like to be able to type that she has grown and changed from a silly little puppy into a mature sensible young dog.  However I cannot.   I am afraid that I must type that she has grown and changed from a silly little puppy into an even sillier and totally not mature young dog.  But she is so sweet-natured and loving it’s hard to remain cross with her for very long, whatever her latest misdeed might be.  So here is Daisy’s year in pictures ….


 With her much loved big brother never too far from her side.  Happy Anniversary Daisy – here’s to the next 12 months!