A Splashy Crashy visit to Lannacombe


Sunday night was blustery, with heavy showers and even a rumble or two of thunder - nearly drowning out the sound of canine snoring coming from the slumbering Newfies safely snuggled into their nice comfy beds.  Monday morning dawned bright and breezy, and the tide was low - the perfect opportunity … [Read more...]

Some Wedding Photos ….

At last ... I have some pictures to share with you......   The happy couple leaving the church The colour's a bit washed out above so here's a close up of Rosie's beautiful bouquet.  Absolutely stunning! Then it was off to the reception.  We'd spent nearly a whole day decorating this … [Read more...]

Busy in the garden

Now the April issue of the Bustle & Sew Magazine has been safely sent out to all my lovely subscribers, I have a little spare time - and so it's time to begin preparations for our wedding wildflower garden at the front of Coombe Leigh ... Here's my house - this picture was taken last February … [Read more...]